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Save on Adwords. Onboard more. Convert more. Get more leads.

See budget wasting Adwords keywords

By seeing recordings of each and every keyword you can see where your Adword budget is wasted and save money.

Onboarding, ecommerce and lead generation

The platform is built to sustain your growth by empowering you to understand what makes your visitors become clients.

3X Conversion Booster

By comparing converted user recordings vs. NON-converted user recordings for each funnel step our customers obtained 3X CR boosts!

15 seconds funnel setup

See recordings for each keyword. Understand what doesn't work

See recordings for each funnel step. Filter by "converted" and "unconverted"

Best tool for UX and Conversion Optimisation Rate Professionals and Agencies

Designed by seasoned UX professionals in order to be useful for other UX professionals, our platform combines state of the art technologies with Artificial Intelligence powered filters to make your job easy.

State of the art technologies

  • Our solution uses 80% less resources than any of the competition
  • Page load time remains unaffected from the user perspective
  • Zero intrusion into the experience

Artificial Intelligence powered UX Friction Detection/ Frustrated Users Detection

  • Intelligent filters will let you see only recordings of clients with relevant experience on website, like those who did not convert after adding to shopping cart or frustrated users (based on a psychological analysis taking into account users frustration inputs)
  • Allowing filter combinations you can segment recordings to a never before seen granularity
  • Filters allow you to extract users that encountered friction during the conversion/onboarding process to improve the overall experience for other users

Intuitive interface

We’ve spent countless hours to make your experience easy and intuitive



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$ 9 / mo
  • 1 site
  • 1 user
  • 10.000 recorded sessions/month
  • 15 days storage
  • AI powered filters
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$ 39 / mo
  • 10 sites
  • 5 users
  • 100.000 recorded sessions/month
  • 30 days storage
  • AI powered filters
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$ 99 / mo
  • 30 sites
  • 10 users
  • 300.000 recorded sessions/month
  • 60 days storage
  • AI powered filters
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